Basic Causes for Web Coating Defects

Ed Cohen

Dr. Ed Cohen is a Technical Consultant for AIMCAL and President of the International Society of Coating Science and Technology. He will participate in “Ask the Expert” during ICE USA 2015.

Since the web coating process can generate a wide variety of defects, which will adversely affect product quality and profitability, it is essential that they be minimized for new products under development and in current production.  The effectiveness of eliminating coating and drying defects can be significantly improved by recognizing that there are some fundamental causes that control the formation of defects. Understanding these fundamental cause can identify significant deficiencies in the product and process that might not have been observed using the strictly empirical methods. It is often believed that each defect apparently has a unique cause. However; several defects can result from a single cause; as a result a fundamental process change can reduce several defects.

Understanding these basic causes, will give a more efficient procedure to develop new robust products with minimum defect susceptibility and to improve quality and yield in currently manufactured products.

The following are the Ten Basic Defect Causes:

  1. Contaminated raw materials
  2. Substrate deficiencies
  3. Coating solutions are not optimized or reproducible
  4. Unstable Coating process
  5. Inadequate Coating Line Subsystems
  6. Drying induced coating distortions
  7. Variations in web transport system performance
  8. Inadequate operating procedures and personnel training
  9. Deterioration of coating line hardware capability
  10. Key Process variables not effectively controlled

A technical paper and discussions during the ICE USA 2015 will present more detail on each of these causes.

Dr. Cohen will also be available for one on one consultations in the “Ask the Experts” pavilion at ICE USA. Attendees can schedule complimentary 15-minute appointments with the experts during all three days of the Show. They are available February 10 and 11 from 1pm – 4pm and February 12 from 1pm – 3pm. Making appointments in advance on the ICE USA website is encouraged, but attendees can also make appointments onsite based on availability.

You can go online and register to be part of the leading America’s leading event for converting professionals.

We look forward to seeing you next February 10-12 in Orlando.

ICE USA’s Guest Blogger is Dr. Edward D. Cohen. Dr. Cohen is a technical consultant in all aspects of the web coating process.  Currently he is Technical Consultant for AIMCAL and President of the International Society of Coating Science and Technology.

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