ICE USA Stands Alone as Favorite Trade Show

Dr. Dave Roisum is a well-known authority in the area of web handling and converting. Dr. Roisum is also one of the industry leaders taking part in "Ask the Experts" during ICE USA 2015.

Dr. Dave Roisum is a well-known authority in the area of web handling and converting. Dr. Roisum is also one of the industry leaders available to answer your questions with “Ask the Experts” during ICE USA 2015.

My favorite trade show of all is just a few weeks away and you should be making plans, registering and getting your travel arrangements to attend ICE USA 2015. My motivations include those that should also motivate you. We will have access to the best web machine builders, component suppliers and material sources on the show floor. Even if you are not in the market for a new machine, you can learn much and get many ideas from those that are operating on the floor.

While I might hesitate to talk to a customer service rep via phone or email, I have few such qualms doing so in person because it is so much more effective to do so face-to-face. In addition to vendors, there are ample opportunities to meet the industry experts; again face to face. I especially enjoy the Ask the Experts forum because I know I can get undivided and personal attention. Of course, there are also courses such as the CEMA Slitting and Rewinding short-course on Monday February 9. There are also continuous technical talks on a variety of must-know topics the following three days.

My personal goal in life is to learn at least one new thing from every person I meet and ICE USA will give me and attendees that opportunity. Where else can you meet with so many industry professionals in such a short time and learn so much?

In addition to those universal motivations, I have some of my own, in fact many. I will be teaching about spreading as applied to slitter rewinders for CEMA on Monday. I will show you how to diagnose wound roll telescoping and the corresponding causes and cures on Wednesday. In between, I will be in a booth as an expert. Sign up for a spot with me (and/or other experts) and we can talk web handling, converting, winding or problem solving. Come with a question, leave with an answer to your most vexing web issue.

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando for ICE USA 2015!

ICE USA’s Guest Blogger is Dr. Dave Roisum. Dr. Roisum is a well-known authority in the area of web handling and converting. He has authored nine books that include subjects such as Winding, Rollers and Web-Handling with his most recent being the Web Machine Buying Guide. He has coauthored or edited several others. Additionally, he has written 200 articles, conference papers and other publications. He has been a technical editor for Converting Magazine with a monthly column entitled Web Works since 1994. He is an AIMCAL technical advisor, instructor and blogger. Dave has been honored by TAPPI with their Finishing & Converting Division Award, Thomas W. Busch Prize and Finest Faculty awards. He was elected TAPPI Fellow.

Dave received his BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and his Ph.D. from the Web Handling Research Center where he later became an Industrial Advisory Board member.

He is now a principal of Finishing Technologies Inc., providing consulting services to more than 300 clients who convert or manufacture; paper, film, foil, nonwovens, textiles, and many other materials.

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