Reasons why you should go to ICE USA 2015

Noel Ward Headshot

Noel Ward is Editor-in-Chief of packagePRINTING magazine.

I’ve long since lost count of how many shows and conferences I’ve been to over the past 20 years, but there has been one constant across them all. It is the value that comes with networking, gaining new knowledge, coming up with new ideas, and seeing first-hand how equipment and software can deliver new productivity and profitability.

Being a technology junkie, I am drawn to the show floor where I can get up close with the equipment, see how things work, and ask questions. That strokes my engineering genes, but very often it is the conference sessions that are the real gold. These are the places where perspectives are gained and ideas are born. I often find myself frantically scribbling down notes on new thoughts while listening to the speakers. Almost every notebook I take to a show comes home with a several pages filled with new thoughts and ideas for magazine articles, videos and webinars. This happens at nearly every show or conference I attend.

Conferences are also places where, free from the day-to-day demands of running a printing and converting operation, you can seek out new opportunities, maybe look at your business in a new way, and even question the status quo. You see something new, ask a question, or hear someone else ask one, and something “clicks” in your head. And you suddenly have a different way to think about a process, problem or challenge. Or maybe just see a new opportunity.

So as you cruise the floor at ICE USA 2015 next month, go with an open mind. Look at both digital and conventional technologies and see what they have to offer. Listen to what the speakers have to say about all types of printing and converting, and about how you can make your business more successful and more adaptable to our changing industry. The range of information available can be almost overwhelming and a little intimidating at times, but the more you hear and think about, the better prepared you are to make the moves in your business that can separate you from your competitors.

You can go online and register to be part of the leading America’s leading event for converting professionals and I hope to see you in Orlando!

ICE USA’s Guest Blogger is Noel Ward. Noel is Editor-in-Chief of packagePRINTING magazine, published by North American Publishing Company. He directs all editorial content for the publication plus cross-media activities including video production, webinars, blogs, and all electronic versions of packagePRINTING.

Spanning over 25 years in digital printing, marketing communications and market research, Noel has edited four leading printing industry magazines and advised leading vendors, franchisors and independent print providers on nearly all aspects of digital printing. He has written hundreds of articles and blogs, and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and at vendor-sponsored customer events. He has created numerous white papers, case studies, and produced promotional and training videos for industry-leading companies.

Regardless of the medium or venue, Noel’s primary focus is on communicating ways companies can use digital printing technology as a driver of business growth, productivity and efficiency.

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