TAPPI Provides Top-Notch Collaboration for ICE USA 2013 Pre-Show Conference Program

AssociationEducationSessionFollowers of the field of flexible packaging and new technology developments have something huge to look forward to, as TAPPI will bring together the leading experts of these industries. This collaboration will take place at the ICE USA 2013 Pre-Show Conference Program on Monday, April 8 in Orlando, Florida.

As the first joint-effort between the two premier technical divisions – PLACE (Polymers, Laminations, Coatings and Extrusions) and the Nanotechnology Division, this event is sure to provide a unique perspective on the most recent innovations in the use of nanotechnology in packaging. The sessions will highlight, ‘Innovations in Preparing Polymer-Based Nanomaterials’, ‘Traditional Barrier Enhancements for Packaging Films’, ‘Brand Launch Strategies’, ‘Shelf Appeal Enhancement’, and ‘Brand Authentication for the Innovatively Packaged Consumer Product’.

Interested parties will also be thrilled to know that leading researchers and practitioners from a number of key companies that have developed or are using nanotechnologies that enhance the performance of flexible packaging materials will also be featured.

Pre-Show seminars presented by TAPPI and three other industry-leading organizations will serve as stimulating appetizers to wet the appetites of attendees. One of which is AWA Alexander Watson Associates, who will present its ‘Labeling & Packaging Decorating Technology Seminar 2013’, which features presentations by key industry leaders in the labeling and product decoration industry. These guests will provide up-to-date information on the markets and its evolving technologies with both national and international perspectives.

Also presenting at the ICE USA Pre-Show Program will be CEMA. CEMA who will present a two-day seminar, which include ‘Coating & Drying Fundamentals for Converters’ and ‘Web Slitting and Rewinding for Converters’, are both condensed versions of CEMA two-day seminar created exclusively for ICE USA.

RADTECH, will be getting in on the fun as well with the presentation of its ‘Enabling Innovation in Packaging with UV & EB Curable Inks, Coatings & Adhesives’ seminar. Leading suppliers and users of UV (ultraviolet) and EB (electron beam) curable inks, coatings, and adhesives will discuss some of the current and future trends and applications in press technology, special effect ink/coatings, and other sustainable and innovation initiatives.

Attendees can cap off the Pre-Show Program with the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council’s (PSTC) presentation of ‘Understanding and Selecting PSA Tapes’. The presentation will define the basic properties of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and discuss how polymer and material properties combine to give the unique performance attributes of tapes.

For further information or to register for ICE USA 2013, visit www.ice-x-usa.com.

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